Mayor Michael P. Londeau

Michael P. Londeau is a force to be reckoned with. On January 18th, 2023, he was rightfully appointed as the 9th Mayor of the City, a title he takes immense pride in and a role he’s dedicated to fulfilling with passion and purpose.

A lifelong resident of Westland, Mayor Londeau has poured his heart and soul into this community for years. He knows this city like the back of his hand, always working to make Westland a better place for all who call it home.

Before becoming Mayor, Londeau served as President Pro-Tem of the Westland City Council, as well as previously holding the position of Chairman of the Westland Downtown Development Authority (DDA). He’s been an integral member of the Westland Master Plan Steering Committee, Board Member of the Westland Youth Assistance Advisory Committee, dedicated volunteer for Parks and Recreation Advisory, and has lent his skills and services to various non-profit organizations throughout the area.

Mayor Londeau’s unwavering commitment to his community is a testament to the type of leader he is. With his vast experience and unrelenting dedication, he’s committed to creating a thriving and prosperous city for all Westland residents.


“I am beyond honored to serve as the Mayor of the city that has always been my home. This isn’t just a job to me – it’s a lifelong commitment to making Westland the very best it can be. I am deeply grateful to the Westland City Council for entrusting me with this opportunity. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to working hard, implementing results-driven strategies, and making a positive impact for each and every one of our 85,000 residents.”

– Mayor Michael P. Londeau