Key Initiatives

Mayor Michael P. Londeau is proud to have been heavily involved in the Westland community for many years now. Mayor Londeau has worked and volunteered in various roles throughout the city over the years and has a unique perspective on how to help Westland in the years to come. He has developed the following key initiatives to lead our city into the future:

  • Enhance city services
  • Improve public safety
  • Develop our economic strategy to attract new businesses
  • Improve communication between city officials and our residents
  • A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within my administration and throughout the entire city

The start of his initiatives are:

Mayor Londeau believes these initiatives are crucial in making a better future for our residents. He plans to not stop at these initiatives going forward, but constantly look for ways to enhance Westland for everyone. The needs of the City are constantly evolving and Mayor Londeau deeply understands this.

Commercial Revitalization Plan

We will develop a collaboration between government, business owners, community leaders, and other stakeholders to identify key goals, strategies, and tactics to revitalize the areas in need to benefit both business owners and our residents.

Leaf Pick-Up Program

The City will re-implement a curbside leaf pick-up program in time for the Fall.

Bulk Pick-Up Program Simplification

The City will upgrade and streamline its bulk trash pick-up process in order to make it more customer friendly and simpler to navigate.

Neighborhood Makeover Program 2.0

Having just completed the originally planned 5 year Neighborhood Makeover Program, we have seen the benefit of the program for the community and see that there is still more to do. We will be implementing the new 2.0 version of the program which includes a emphasis on sidewalk repairs with the City.

The Westland Shopping Center

Mayor Londeau will establish a task force within the Administration to explore the possibility of purchasing the Westland Shopping Center.

Ford Road Corridor

Mayor Londeau will explore any and all opportunities for a recreational complex to be constructed on the City-owned property along Ford Rd.